Facebook is not secure

My Facebook page has been hacked. It has been reported to them but, because the problem has actually arisen, I’m not confident that the Facebook response alone will solve the problem.

I shall therefore value any advice that can be offered by those who have had a similar experience.

De-activating the site and changing my password didn’t work. I also replaced the hacked name with my own.

Thanks to all, and be warned!

John Morton.


2 thoughts on “Facebook is not secure

  1. I had my identity hacked through FaceBook. I accidentally clicked on one of the ad links in the right columns or something like that. A person got hold of my debit card info somehow. Idiot didn’t change the shipping address and the billing address so whatever he ordered I received at my front door — effectively it was nothing more than a prank. Inconvenience canceling the card, didn’t lose any money.

    I did leave Facebook for over a year after that. I have recently returned and started over from scratch. That seems to have cleared everything out. I have no idea at all how to fix it, but now I know you’re on FaceBook!

    • Hi Jim. Good to hear from you again. The point of my complaint is that I hadn’t DONE anything, just logged in and there, instead of my handsome face, was a blond bit trying to get me to gamble online.

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