PLEASE spare me a moment!!

Although my friends and associates worldwide read about Islamic fundamentalism every day, we in Britain live side-by-side with it because of the appeasement that has taken place over many years, leading to a situation where stronger resistance will be required to halt further advances. A planning application has been submitted to build a new Mosque in the centre of my town which I am opposed to and I’m currently attempting to draw support for my opposition. I risk losing friends and damaging my commercial interests on here but the problem is too important to allow self-interest to colour (color) my judgement. For this reason I hope everyone will bear with me as I reproduce my letter in opposition so that I can direct people to a document containing my actual views since I have been accused of racism and bigotry, despite my many ethnic friends.

John Millar, Director of the Urban Environment
Planning Services
4 Ednam Road

Copy to: Prime Minister David Cameron.


Dear Mr Millar,
Application Number: P14/1353 Erection of a Community Centre, Training and Enterprise Centre and Mosque, including two flats and associated parking, Hall Street, Dudley

Thank you for your notification of the above dated 17 September.

I am writing to you directly because it is unlikely my opinions will fall within the remit of a planning department. Nevertheless, I can only base my opinions on the situation as I see it, which I do now, after lengthy consideration. We must not use the claim that planning laws are inapplicable to the objections I am raising in this letter as an excuse for inaction. Bristol took this view at the last appeal. Central government will say that this is Dudley’s problem so who will act to prevent the relentless subjugation of all that we value and hold dear?

I am convinced that, within around 50 years, Britain will become an Islamic state because, quite simply, there will be nothing to prevent it from happening. Time and time again Muslims get their way and if this incessant, abject appeasement does not end the country my family fought and died for faces a bleak future, with women having the most to fear.

Britain will then descend into an abyss of petty rivalries between rival factions, each claiming to be the true version of this failed religion. As always with Islam, differences will be settled with violence, aimed not only at their opponents but also against innocent women and children. There is not a single Muslim country, anywhere on Earth, that enjoys peace and stability, let alone so-called ‘democracy’, a Western concept that has little meaning in Islamic law.

Whatever claims are made regarding Islam – for example, that it is a religion of peace and that Christianity and Islam have more in common than they have differences – in the real world that we see and touch every day it has become the most profound and widespread source of pure evil, not only that the world has ever seen, but also that the world could ever again witness.

Complaints regarding the buildings’ appearance or the possibility of traffic problems occurring are unlikely to succeed and if the kind of problems that, conventionally, lead to the denial of planning permission had any chance of success, we would not be where we are today. I am firmly of the opinion that the proposed mosque, or any similar building, either now or in the foreseeable future, should not be allowed to exist under any circumstances.

My reasons:

Firstly, the purpose of the proposed development involves more than merely the claimed need for extra space and facilities. Muslims desire to build a powerful icon to their faith on a prominent hill overlooking the very heart of Christian England. The intended message is that, at a time when Christian churches are suffering from reduced attendances and buildings are being turned into carpet warehouses and wine bars, Muslims are able and willing to commence an ambitious project such as that proposed. The implication will be that theirs is a superior faith, despite the fact that Christian society is, rightly, becoming increasingly secular.

Much is written about the need for integration but integration requires compromise. This cannot happen because, to Muslims, everything they think and do is governed by the will of their God and it is futile to expect that they will one day modify what they believe to be God’s laws in order to permit integration to take place. Instead, followers of this proselytizing faith work incessantly towards creating a society of which they approve. They are hard-working, determined and infinitely patient in their endeavours, partly because they believe what they believe more than we believe what we believe.

Almost half of the mosques in Britain are controlled by extremists and they all have schools attached to them which teach within the constraints of a view of learning and of life in general that falls in line with Islamic beliefs. This is not the purpose of learning, and denominational schools have no place in the 21st Century. Sectarian religious education belongs in history lessons.

The ‘call to prayer’ is a hideous intrusion into peoples’ lives.

Marriages are often conducted in secret by Muslim clerics involving girls who, under British law, are too young. In other words, they condone paedophilia.

Another error is involved in the frequently heard claim that it is only a minority of Muslims who pose a threat to non-Muslims. This belief represents a ‘red herring’ for the following reasons:

  1. History is not made by the moderate majority but by individuals who possess a clearly-defined personal agenda.
  2. The so-called ‘minority’ comprises an unknown number of people but will certainly be many millions strong.
  3. ALL Muslims are ‘on the other side’. (They can’t forgive us for not being Muslim.)

Finally, there is a serious lack of balance between followers of Christianity and Islam regarding tolerance. Apart from the fact that there is so much positive discrimination today in favour of ethnic groups in general, we are all being asked to live with another fact which is that, whereas Muslims are able to build mosques around Britain, Christians nowadays have little chance of being granted similar privileges in Muslim countries. Indeed, it is an offence to convert to Christianity, a crime that, in some countries, is still punishable by death.

At first sight it is praiseworthy that this country should continue to offer such tolerance in a world that is constantly under attack from the effects of Muslim dogma but this is a narrow and short-sighted point of view. In reality, such a hopeless imbalance will create a society that, ultimately, cannot work. Muslims in Britain, or their forebears, came here in the first place because, for whatever reason, they preferred it to their country of origin. How can it make any sense for them, having arrived here, to be allowed to make changes in order to create a society they feel more comfortable with?

Dudley Council must state quite clearly that it opposes the proposed mosque because it is a Muslim mosque citing the certainty of massive public hostility to the plan as being its reason,

yours sincerely,

John Morton.


2 thoughts on “PLEASE spare me a moment!!

  1. The ugly truth, John, is that you are right. It is actually proven as a function of population percentage. Lovely as many Muslims are in relative isolation — as I have repeatedly experienced personally — it has been consistently shown throughout the world that once the Muslim population reaches and exceeds 6-8% they start becoming more and more demanding and downright militant. And as the percentage continues to rise conditions common in the Middle East result. It is disheartening for me, but this is nonetheless true.

    I do wholeheartedly agree that any study of religion strictly belongs to the realm of history. I wish we could all agree that our endeavors moving forward should focus on the common good and raising the disadvantaged. This is the claimed goal of every religious and political faction and the true pursuit of none of them overall by their respective congregations.

  2. Thanks for that, Jim. You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to gain support on this matter. The key to my statement is that, as I said, we live side by side with the problem here. Birmingham (UK) has had the courage to introduce controls on Islamification in schools but they are struggling, possibly because opposing these people is intimidating to the indigenous school staff. Imagine how parents in the USA would feel if they found out that gender separation was being enforced by Muslim teachers!

    In a way, history is repeating itself. WW2 would arguably have been lost without massive involvement by the USA and its mass production machine but, apart from a few incursions by Japanese aircraft in California, the American public was spared the horrors of the Blitz. I spent my early years huddled under the stairs with my Ma as the Luftwaffe bombed a nearby armaments factory. In a similar way, if your leaders could spend time in our inner city areas they might become concerned about the steadfastness of Britain as an ally. We’re letting Muslims get away with murder in the name of ‘Integration’ and ‘tolerance’.

    I particularly like your closing remarks, well written, too.

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