Dear USA, we don’t deserve this!

The anti-English* sentiment in Hollywood shows no sign of abating. With depictions of cowardice on the Titanic that, curiously, only involved the English and distortions of history in the script of Braveheart that should have won a special award for ingenuity, it was, perhaps, not as shocking as it might have been when the cyber attack on Sony prompted an American observer to comment that Sony had ‘done Neville Chamberlain proud’.

Huh?! What possible justification could there be for such a vicious side-swipe? They really can’t wait, can they?

I was born just as WW2 began and spent many nights huddled below stairs or in an Anderson dug-out in the garden as the Luftwaffe attacked a nearby armaments factory. Coventry was largely destroyed and many cities over here, including London (and Buckingham Palace), were badly damaged.

The Chamberlain I remember had the courage single-handedly to declare war on the most efficient fighting machine the world had ever seen even though he knew Britain was lamentably ill-prepared. Germany had been preparing for war for years, having trained pilots at gliding schools in defiance of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. These pilots gained combat experience in the Spanish Civil War where the early Messerschmidt 109’s were also battle-tested.

By contrast, RAF pilots, some of whom were as young as 19 years of age, had around 5 hours experience each at the controls of early Spitfires before being sent to war!

Perhaps the observer could explain why we had to wait so long for American involvement if he feels so strongly about Chamberlain’s initial response to Hitler’s militarism. We should all bear in mind that Chamberlain wasn’t the only leader inclined to trust Hitler in those days. Members of our Royal Family were received as his guests. Vulgar upstart he may have been but he was very, very clever and knew exactly how to manipulate people.

Two world wars bled this little country dry and the cream of two generations of British manhood was wiped out. We still feel the ramifications of it all to this day.

* I refer to the ‘English’ (rather than to the British) since that is where most prejudice is directed.


Your help is urgently needed

[Nothing in this blog is concerned with ‘race’. Racial factors determine, for example, whether a person’s hair will be oval or round in cross-section and whether they will have a propensity to develop rickets or sickle-cell anaemia, etc. Characteristics may also be more than skin-deep with darker skinned people more likely to show an ebullient response whereas lighter skinned people are likely to be more reserved. Only scientific research can solve such problems, not rash outbursts. ‘Racism’ involves a deliberate attempt to engender disapproval of a group of people on the grounds of their ethnicity. Most so-called racial issues have little to do with race and involve cultural attitudes which, more often than not, have evolved from religious dogma.]

In recent posts I have attempted to justify my obsession with Islamic ambitions throughout the world because the opinions of my friends and colleagues is significant to me both personally and professionally. Fortuitously, three developments have come to my aid right on cue, providing an intriguing example of the idea of synchronicity in our affairs.

1) Firstly, a report from NASA reveals that, as a result of observations by the Kepler telescope during its lifetime, scientists are now able to calculate, not merely suggest, the possibility of finding sentient beings in the Universe. More than 8 billion Earth-like planets are said to exist in our own galaxy alone and spectroscopic examination of their atmospheres will search for signs of intelligent life.

The possibility has fascinating consequences for religions of all kinds and also for the idea of Heaven as being the final resting place for the virtuous. Many religions hold that places and buildings here on Earth have (by implication) universal significance. They have also taught about the eminence of man without stopping to think that beings would exist who are far more advanced than homo sapiens. If the Universe is infinite we would one day find a planet where pigs evolved to be the dominant species.

The proselytizing nature of Islam, in particular, will finally come to a dead end and Mecca will lose its essential centrality. The problem also arises regarding how beings on other planets would be able to face Mecca, anyhow, bearing in mind that planets all appear to be spinning.

2) Another report announced that a Church of England Bishop has suggested the Koran should be read at the coronation of Prince Charles because of the need to ‘embrace’ Islam. (I suppose Bishops, like the Liberal Democrats, can say what they like, within reason, because their ideas will never be put to the test.) Bearing in mind the fact that a Christian women is facing the death penalty in Pakistan because she committed blasphemy by drinking water from a cup also used by Muslims and that it is a crime for a Muslim to convert to Christianity – still punishable by death in some areas – surely Christians are entitled to look for some sign that Muslims are prepared to meet us half way (to integrate with us, in other words) before anyone, most especially a man who should know better, makes such an idiotic statement . The worrying thing is that Charles is likely to agree with the idea! It is nonsense to suggest we should embrace a religion whose adherents regard us with such disdain. Disdain always implies disapproval.

3) Closer to home, in my home town of Dudley, United Kingdom, Labour councillor Qadar Zada urged an end to “existing and future procurement of goods and services where there is a direct benefit to the State of Israel, including through the supply chain, subject to legal compliance with all relevant procurement, contractual, legislative and regulatory requirements… “.

The seven UKIP councillors in Dudley – the council’s third largest group – opposed the motion. The idea has now been dropped.

A similar motion was thrown out in Leicester.

I can’t understand how Israeli actions can be compared with the scale of Islamic atrocities. I suggest that, before judgments are made concerning Israel’s actions, consideration should be given to the fact that Israelis have lived with the daily dread of crude, home-made missiles being fired into their communities over many years. These missiles cannot be aimed or guided and those firing them have little concern for where they might land. I would like to hear opinions from my contacts in the USA regarding what the American response would have been had Canada or Mexico behaved the same way.

Returning to the title of this blog I would like to ask people to share and reblog this content, with links to Facebook and Twitter. At least we will be doing something.