Garritan: the saga continues

Two blogs ago I claimed that MuseScore, my scorewriter of choice, produced ‘clean’ midi files, that I’ve been dragging into the Logic Pro tracks window. This is a fair claim, supported by experiment. Today I had problems with MuseScore midi files and discovered that, when I opened the midi, stored temporarily on the desktop, it opened in Finale! Somehow Finale has appointed itself to be the ‘default’ program. This explained the problem. I had to select ‘open in MuseScore’ and export it again as a midi file. (I chose a different name to be quite sure.) It worked, on three occasions. The score in question was also taken into Finale some time ago and the file still exists, which could explain the mystery.

Each time I closed the unwanted instance of Finale an on-screen message informed me that Finale had quit unexpectedly and a report would be sent to Apple. I hope someone reads them.

Having believed, at one point, that a move to Finale was required I produced scores in the program. Because of this and the fact that, for example, I haven’t yet found a flugelhorn or bass trombone in Logic’s suites, I can’t dump Finale.

No one expects life to be easy – mine never was – but life really shouldn’t be like this. Suddenly, I’m getting a message to sign into iCloud when I start the computer. Now where did THAT come from? I’ve never used iCloud.

It’s easy to feel there’s something sinister going on here.


2 thoughts on “Garritan: the saga continues

  1. To change a filetype association on the Mac:

    1. right click one such file, such as any MIDI file

    2. select “Get Info”

    3. in the item “Open with:” select the app you want to favor for this type of file

    4. Click the “Change All…” button

    This will make all files of this type default to the app you select. If you do this in a different way (right click -> Open With) then only that one file will go where you tell it but no other files of that type will.

    – – –

    The iCloud thing is best used by people who want to access/modify the same files on different devices, like I might be working on a score in Notion on my Mac, and later want to puzzle over it on my iPhone while waiting in line at the grocery store.

  2. Thanks again, Jim.

    This particular file was an isolated incident because it’s the only one taken from MuseScore to Finale as an XML with re-assigned Garritan instruments in Finale. The mystery is why the Finale ‘default program’ notice appeared. Where did that come from? I look forward to the time I can junk Finale and I still find it difficult to understand why so many skilled and successful writers use the program, despite my earlier comments.

    My comments about iCloud was 90% humour (humor) although the fact that the message reappears after ‘cancel’, necessitating a second cancel, is irritating and I wonder if they hope I’ll just get fed up and register. If so, then it’s an example of what used to be called ‘sharp practice’.

    Have you got any snow over there? We haven’t had any this time.

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